Installation, Saint-Loup, France, 2020


Spirituality and rituals are an essential part of the life among the Korebaju; one must purify oneself to connect with the spirits of the forest. The three mirrors at the entrance symbolise the passage between these two worlds. Standing before the three doors, the visitor is confronted with the reflection of his soul.


The visitors were mainly residents of the village of Saint-Loup. From the start, they witnessed the process of intervening in the arena. They saw me walk by everyday with my 50 meter extension cords that I used to conduct electricity to the area. We exchanged words from time to time but they didn’t inquire too much and I didn’t want to seem too forward. We did a small event when the installation opened. They came to discover the exhibition and share a moment with each other as they used to do a few years ago. We exchanged, and discussed. Sandrine Servent, the curator and organizer of the exhibition, told them the story of the project. The place was alive again for an evening, and made this encounter possible between these two worlds that did not know each other.

–César Cuspoca